Zandra Rose Named Top Travel Blogger

ZandraRose Named Travel Blogger to Follow – A Digital Nomad

After founding Zandra Rose just 5-months ago, the travel and digital nomad-inspired blog has landed a feature mention in the top travel blogger lists for both Nearsay and Beauty Blog Girls this month. Mentioning top travel bloggers that offer something of value and inspiration to readers, Zandra Rose was selected for the blog’s unique take on entrepreneurialism-meets-wanderlust, all with a Brooklyn base.

Honored to be in such great company, Zandra Rose’s founder and owner, Alexandra Fasulo, stated, “Traveling has been one of my passions since before I can remember. I really love to plan trips, and as a freelance writer on Fiverr and Social Me Media. it just naturally lends itself to a travel blog. I’m a digital nomad with a Brooklyn apartment, and I love sharing the tricks and tips I’ve discovered on my entrepreneurial path.”

A panel of experts with both platforms sat down to select the top 20 features for their top travel blogger posts. The winners for 2017 are as follows (for both Nearsay and Beauty Blog Girls):

Zandra Rose Named Top Travel Blogger to Follow A Digital Nomad

Zandra Rose


Luxury Journey Trend

Adventurous Kate

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Luxury Travel Magazine

Nomadic Matt

Just Luxe

A Luxury Travel Blog

World of Wanderlust

The Travel Hack

Global Grasshopper


Never Ending Voyage

Alex in Wanderland

Love and Road

Nomad is Beautiful

A Little Adrift

Divergent Travelers

BaldHiker Life

ZandraRose Named Travel Blogger to Follow – A Digital Nomad

“Being nominated and ranked next to idols of mine is an absolute honor,” said Fasulo. “I can’t wait to bring readers even more content and inside information for curating the life I chase after every day. I want to send a special thanks to both Top Travel Blogs & Bloggers to Follow and Travel Blog & Beauty Blog Girls for their generous selection.”


Zandra Rose will be taking forthcoming trips to Ireland, following by the Bahamas in October. The blog updates weekly with new content, information, and social media posts.

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