Galavanting at New York City’s Gallow Green

Galavanting at New York City's Gallow Green. Best Rooftop Bar & Restaurant in New York City

I’m definitely one of those cliché New Yorkers who takes lots of pictures on rooftops around the city. Oh well, who isn’t?

This past week, I discovered an incredibly awesome and Secret Garden-styled rooftop and restaurant in Chelsea called The Gallow Green. Situated atop the McKittrick hotel, home to the in-person acting show of Sleep No More, The Gallow Green was a nice addition to the hotel’s eclectic, almost Steam Punk-style decor.


I had dinner reservations at 6PM, and enjoyed some seriously delicious oven-baked margherita and zucchini pizza. I highly recommend making a dinner reservation so you have a place to sit and take in all the sights (there are many to take in).

The entire place lends itself to being one big Instagram fest, so I tried to maintain my cool and only take a couple (hundred) photos. One of the best rooftop bar & restaurant in New York City.


After we were done eating dinner, we went over to the stone bar and ordered a drink while the sun set.


Amazingly, the place didn’t get as crowded as I expected it to. I lingered until about 9PM or so when it was time to make the long trek back to Brooklyn Heights.

This was such an easy place to enjoy a New York City rooftop dinner that wasn’t too overly priced. I definitely recommend it to anyone visiting or the city. 

And… now I really want to go see Sleep No More.

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