Day 3: The Osheaga Music Festival

The Osheaga Music Festival, Osheaga Music Festival

The final part of the Osheaga blog series! My hope is that after reading these 3 blogs, you’ll feel confidently prepared to take on the festival in 2018. Osheaga is obviously near and dear to my heart, so following the tips I have provided will make you a pro before you even set foot on Parc Jean Drapeau.

Day 3 of Osheaga is always a sad one for me. I start to get emotional when I realize it will soon be over for an entire year. Like every Sunday before a workday, it hangs in the air and can be tangibly observed if you look at the other festival goers. By the final day, my feet are in absolute agony, and I force myself to sit down for some acts (which I NEVER do the first two days).

Alabama Shakes absolutely KILLED IT. Would see them again in a heartbeat.

Sunday’s lineup was considerably better than Saturday’s, so my day was spent moving back and forth between stages until the headliner: The Weeknd.


By nightfall, I tried to soak up the final visual elements of the festival that I may have missed the first two nights. As you can see from my outfit above, I was going more for comfort than style (my body was SPENT).

The Instagram Contest

I decided to take a stab at an Instagram contest hosted by @natrel on Sunday. They were giving out free, dairy-free delicious smoothies and selected people with high quality Instagram posts and stories, posing with their product. Around 4PM, I received word that I was one of the winners. As you can see below, we got to chill on their balcony VIP for one hour, and were handed free smoothies, snacks, and water bottles. Plus, they had a mister, charging station, and awesome seating for photos.

It just goes to show: try out every free thing possible at the Osheaga Music Festival.


After that, we made our way back to the main stages to send off the night.

A water fountain for anyone overheating.

The Takeaways

The only positive of saying goodbye to Osheaga on the third day is that your body is absolutely destroyed. Here are my final takeaways:

  • Subpar Layout: This year’s layout was way more disorganized and crammed than the previous years’ layouts. The reason is that the park is undergoing construction. I’ll be curious to see if this layout remains for the 2018 festival.
  • Best Giveaways Yet: Since Osheaga took a hit with the layout, they had more brands, giveaways, photo stations, and contests than ever before.
  • Subpar Lineup: I heard rumors that Osheaga was working with a cut budget this year. It definitely showed with the lineup.
  • Solid Food Selection: They had more food variety and vendors this year than ever before.
  • Don’t Bring a Sunscreen Flask: I had to bid farewell to my beloved sunscreen flask on the last day. Some not-so-happy guard threw it out upon entering the festival.
  • Bring a Hairbrush Flask: My hairbrush flask endured all 3 days. Go hairbrush flask!

I will be closely monitoring the festival layout and lineup before making a decision about next year.

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