Day 1: The Osheaga Music Festival

The Osheaga Music Festival

Ok so this is going to be my first 3-part blog series. You’re probably thinking wow, that’s a lot of info I don’t need to necessarily read. Just stick with me – there’s going to be super valuable information in these blogs for navigating ANY music festival safely and successfully.

The Osheaga Music Festival

You’re probably wondering what “Osheaga” means and in a really short summary, it’s the name of the Native American tribe located around the region we call Montreal today. Osheaga takes place on Montreal’s Parc Jean Drapeau, a super adorable art park floating in the St. Lawrence River. Known as Canada’s Coachella, Osheaga really knows how to wow attendees year after year.


The Layout

Osheaga has 6 main stages and a few hidden stages, with a Sirius XM pop-up tent this year featuring intimate hidden artist performances. There’s also a Perrier Tent with local DJs all day, and other kinds of fun Bacardi-sponsored shows that can only be discovered by happenstance.

It’s a BIG music festival, so prepare your walking shoes. One of my favorite things about Osheaga is its sheer size compared to any NYC music festival. There’s plenty of space, and a lot of exploring to do.


Day 1 Festivities

The first day of Osheaga is always my favorite because everything is still in pristine condition. All of the free giveaways, games, turf, and photobooths haven’t been tampered with yet. I recommend getting there when the gates open at noon to take advantage of the free prizes awaiting early arrivals. Since Osheaga does a good job of providing ample seating and grassy getaway areas, you can always rest your feet and sit down during the day.

This year, I went immediately to the Play Zone (lol) where you could rack up points on your wristband. To get points, you go on amusement park rides, take photos in various photobooths, and play other kinds of games for prizes. After visiting the section, I sped over to the main stage to catch the first act of the day, Joseph.

Unfortunately, following Joseph and MUNA, it decided to torrential downpour for an hour. Thankfully, Osheaga has plenty of cover from the heavens, and I headed to the Coors Light Chill Zone until it finally cleared up, enabling me to catch the last bits of the London Grammar set.



Osheaga knows how to keep its guests happy and protein-filled. I had about 4 packs of free Jack Links beef jerky on Friday, and plenty of free water to stay hydrated. For dinner, I enjoyed a Banh Mi from a local Vietnamese vendor located at the EDM stage. I also snagged some spring rolls for later (my appetite is a BEAST).

Unlike NYC festivals, Osheaga has plenty of food vendors to accommodate the crowds. You won’t have to worry about unsafely navigating dinner.

The Headliner

I am a HUGE Lorde fan, so I waited about 1-2 hours before her set to get a good spot at her stage. Since people move around to different artists, you can stake out a really awesome spot if you want to sacrifice an hour or two.

Lorde delivered, as per usual, but not without getting soaked from the impossible weather that ravaged the first day of Osheaga.


The Takeaways

If you stuck around this long, I’ll make it brief and bullet out my tips for navigating your first day of Osheaga:

  • PONCHOS (Canadian weather is brutal)
  • Flip flops (many shoes died in the rain storm that day)
  • Canadian cash (if you want to snag goodies from the wandering food vendors, you need some cash monies)
  • Plastic bags (one for your phone and one for your shoes if they get waterlogged)
  • Waterproof backpack (I was SO happy to have had one)
  • Incognito flask (alcohol pricing is steep, so try and smuggle in the goodies with you)
  • Tiny towel (great for keeping your butt pretty when you sit down on the ground)

As always, message me with any questions! Happy to help anyone plan out the perfect Osheaga getaway.

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