Montreal’s Rue St. Catherine

I’ve been going to Montreal every summer for about 7-years now. I’ve been to the Osheaga Music Festival in Parc Jean Drapeau 6 different years, and try and book my stay close to the Beri UQuam subway stop. Fortunately, Rue St. Catherine happens to be situated close to the park.

Though I’m only granted a few hours of free time to check out the city before going to the festival each day, I thoroughly enjoy every second of it. St. Catherine is a massive pedestrian-filled cobblestone street with little vehicle and bike traffic down it. It’s littered with cafes, bars, clubs, pride-filled venues, and drag queens after nightfall. It’s a very beautiful, friendly, and safe place to wander alone at any hour of the day.

Art Displays

This year, there was this incredible local photography display that enable viewers to experience the stills up-close and in-person.


After spending some time appreciating the expressions caught in the lit-up pieces, I wandered over to the honey bee garden, planted specifically to aid in pollination in and around Montreal. There was even a garden maze that makes you feel like you’re lost in a forest for a split second – not in one of the most charming cities in the Northeast.



As far as food goes, there’s just about everything under the sun on Rue St. Catherine. I usually opt for the Vietnamese or Japanese food option since I am freakishly in love with Asian cuisine. I went to the same spot this year, and got to watch locals set up the festival for the Osheaga Native American Tribe across the way. Every year, that festival coincides with the Osheaga Music Festival (and obviously where the music festival gets its name from)!

Probably the most defining characteristic of Rue St. Catherine is the overhanging street decor that turns the entire walkway into one massive rainbow. It makes for amazing photos, and just plain cheers you up every morning you walk out underneath it.


So if you’re looking for a fun, safe, and clean place to stay in Montreal, I highly recommend finding an Airbnb off of Rue St. Catherine. Every year I discover something new, and leave with incredible photos – plus, it’s as convenient as can be if you’re attending any festival in Parc Jean Drapeau.

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