Touring Manhattan from the East & Hudson Rivers

Touring Manhattan from the East & Hudson Rivers

Last night, I took a Sunset Sail Happy Hour Cruise by Hornblower Cruises & Events around Manhattan and Ellis Island. Since the tickets were amazingly cheap (only $20 each), I wasn’t expecting too much. Plus, as someone who is prone to intense seasickness, I was a little nervous for the overall experience.

Upon boarding the ship, I was able to secure a really nice top-deck overlook table (I recommend waiting early in line, it’s worth it). Many people had no table or chair the entire time, though they didn’t seem to mind. To my surprise, there was free food and wine throughout the duration of the cruise, making that $20 ticket worth at least $150 by New York City standards. With free booze and food, everyone was absolutely beaming.

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As the sun started to set, the views got prettier and prettier. The ship itself took off from Seaport on the East River, looped around the bottom of Manhattan, up the Hudson River until about 42nd street, and then headed directly south for the Statue of Liberty. The captain positioned the boat as close to the statue as possible for about 25-minutes so everyone could get stupidly breathtaking shots.

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Seriously, these photos were incredible!!

After the sun set behind the statue, the captain took the boat back up the East River and hovered under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge for a while. Watching dusk sweep across the Manhattan skyline from under the Brooklyn Bridge was equally as pretty as the sunset views behind the Statue of Liberty.

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After a total of 3-hours, we finally docked back at South Street and had to de-board. After free food and endless amounts of wine for 3-hours, plus some intensely loud throwback DJ-ing, there were many people struggling to climb down the cruise stairs.

This was an easy, fun, and inexpensive activity I would recommend for absolutely anyone visiting NYC. I had no nausea problems whatsoever, and the cool water breezes made for a really enjoyable temperature all evening. It is definitely a “booze cruise” atmosphere, so if that makes you uncomfortable then you should probably reconsider 🙂

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