3 Tips For Choosing the Right Airbnb

3 Tips For Choosing the Right Airbnb

After 3-years of using Airbnb and having some amazing (and not-so-great) experiences with guests and apartments, I’ve finally come up with a system for guaranteeing a booking that I’m going to both love and feel safe in.

As a young woman traveling today, there are a lot of things to consider before placing a booking in a brand new city.

Check out these 3 tips for feeling confident about your next travel excursion:


1. Book a Superhost: There’s a reason these people have earned the accreditation “Superhost” on Airbnb. Though they might charge $15-$25 more per night in the same neighborhoods as other hosts, it’s definitely worth the extra money. These are people who take their roles as hosts seriously.

Every Superhost I’ve ever stayed with offers up tea, coffee, breakfast, water bottles, and is constantly ensuring my trip is worthwhile. 

Most importantly… these people make sure the Airbnb is clean!!! I’ve stayed in some gross places. Nothing is worse than traveling all day to come home to an apartment you don’t feel clean in.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
Picture from my Airbnb in Old City, Philadelphia this past weekend.

2. Contact Hosts Beforehand: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up stranded in foreign countries or in parts of the U.S. without cell service because I didn’t clearly communicate with my host beforehand. Make sure they are aware of your exact arrival time, and have assured you they will be there waiting with the key. If you’re out of cell service, you have no way to communicate with these people.

Back to the Superhost point, Superhosts will immediately communicate with you since communication rates are factored into host promotion on Airbnb. Another reason to go with them!!


3. Do Your Homework: You’re probably so excited for your upcoming trip that you don’t want to wait another minute to book your Airbnb. I’ve been there! A lot of people just assume that expensive Airbnbs are in safe neighborhoods. This couldn’t be more incorrect. A lot of apartments in really unsafe areas have been revitalized to increase their worth.

Do your homework! Research the city, its different boroughs, and where walkability is the safest. You may be surprised by the affordability in areas that are actually safe for you to live in.


If you’re still feeling a little shaky about the listing after checking off these tips, follow your instinct. There have been plenty of times I felt the host and/or listing was a little sketchy. Every single time my gut was correct. Airbnb has millions of options. Don’t settle with your selection!

*Plus, you can message hosts before you even book the listing! Use your resources.*

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